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"I have never found an exercise that I like more than Multi Barre.  After only a few months, I can see the results in my body, and I am injury free!  I love the easy movements.  My yoga practice has improved and I feel stronger and healthier. I was so inspired by the Multi barre classes that I took the Teacher Training!  The training was amazing -  I love it - I have completed 2 trainings so far, I highly recommend it!  In only 3 days I learned how to properly align my body in exercise and in everyday life."

Carol | Costa Rica​​​

"I started taking barre classes this year because of an injury to my wrist which sidelined my yoga practice. I was immediately struck by the intensity of the core work and how it would help me with yoga. Six months later, I try to go 3 times a week and love the instructors and the focus on alignment and not getting injured! I highly recommend it!"  

Joan | Costa Rica

"Rosalia's classes are unmatched in quality. Her knowledge of anatomy and movement coupled with her over 20 years  of personal years of personal practice shines through in her teaching with precision and care."

Carlos | Costa Rica



Our mission is to provide you with a beautiful space to experience movement, inspiration and transformation, through yoga, barre, fitness and wellness. 

We are committed to serving our clients with quality classes, workshops, trainings and a variety of healing therapies. 

We invite you to visit us to enjoy a delicious organic tea and check our our beautiful space! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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